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The conversion to university status in December 2002 of the Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) is indeed a long awaited fulfillment of the pioneering dream of its founders since they established the Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in Valenzuela in 1967. From its humble beginning, Fatima University transformed and rose from a general hospital to a medical complex that has become a training ground for health care providers. It has elevated its stature as a school of serious academic study and standing, proud and unceasing in its journey towards academic excellence, its role distinctive while it seeks to be a specialized university - a university for the health sciences.

The Fatima University medical students are all eyes and ears as their professor gives a
lecture on human anatomy.

The Fatima College of Medicine offers scholastic excellence, being one of the Philippines' most distinguished centers for medical education. Constantly responding to the rapid changes in science, technology and the social environment, Fatima fulfills its commitment to produce competent, world-class medical practitioners. It strives to create the best environment for students to master the principles and theories of medicine and obtain sufficient knowledge and experience to launch into a successful practice.

The Fatima College of Medicine is the first and only Philippine medical school to have an institutional clerkship program with a foreign hospital, having sent over 100 medical students for clerkship training at the Brooklyn Medical Center and Peninsula Hospital in New York and Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago, consequently, creating career opportunities abroad for young men and women.

In its more than 40 years of existence, Fatima has graduated more than 30,000 medical and allied medical health practitioners and has consistently excelled in board examinations, proof that makes Fatima a valuable contributor in the development of the medical and paramedical professions in the Philippines and abroad.

The Fatima College of Medicine is housed in five buildings where one will find the university's lecture halls, seminar and conference rooms, research and teaching laboratories, classrooms, amphitheater, library facilities with audio visual monitors, administrative offices of the departments and parking space.

The College facilities lend a cutting-edge learning environment with its latest and sophisticated medical laboratory that meets the standards of the Board of Medical Education. Equipped with advanced training manikins and simulators, Fatima provides students excellent exposure to medical procedures giving them a competitive advantage. It has a computer laboratory with an internet access to facilitate research work and networking of all medical students.

At the heart of the College of Medicine lies the Fatima Medical Center, a 200-bed hospital within the university campus. The Center is an institutional partner that serves as a teaching tertiary hospital fully equipped to give students hands on experience and exposure.

It is furnished with highly developed medical, diagnostic and surgical equipment, and houses a first class emergency room, intensive care unit with centralized monitors, physical rehabilitation clinic, pulmonary laboratory, ophthalmology clinic and EENT clinic, creating a "hands on classroom" that provides students with extensive patient care experience, an edge that could reap benefits for aspiring medical practitioners.


  • Fatima College of Medicine is fully accredited by the Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges
  • Listed in the World Health Organization Geneva Recognized Medical Schools
  • Accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education
  • Accredited by the New York State and California State Medical Boards
  • Fatima has an ongoing Clerkship Program with the Peninsula Hospital Center in New York and Jackson Park in Chicago
  • Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to administer Title IV Program
  • Ranked 2nd in the PRC Report (as per 1996 for 50 to 100 graduates)

The University provides medical and dental clinic for all students, giving discount for students who require hospitalization and laboratory work, charging no professional fees for medical and dental services. Guidance and counseling is offered through the College of Psychology while foreign students are provided assistance by the Foreign Student Assistance Office. Canteen services are available. Likewise, mail services are provided through the school library.

Separate accommodations for male and female students are available near the campus. Available air-conditioned rooms and additional amenities may be provided depending on the budget. Apartelle and hostel accommodations are also available at affordable prices.

Fatima's learning environment is the university's pride. Its faculty members represent some of the most brilliant minds in the academe. Its teaching methods are innovative and rival the best. Students are trained in hospitals that provide a wealth of resources and opportunities. Having been accredited and affiliated with several established outstanding healthcare institutions in the country, students experience a variety of health care settings, including private and public hospitals. As a result, Fatima attracts very bright students that bring with them a variety of educational experiences and diverse perspectives. The students not only serve to challenge each other intellectually, but also form a vital support system that creates a family atmosphere.

At Fatima, the learning opportunities and environments you are exposed to, the teachers who will train you, and the students who will journey with you will definitely not only prepare you to pass the USMLE but will provide you the competence to undergo residency training and eventually practice in the USA or any country. Needless to say, Fatima has produced many graduates who are already in the mainstream of medical practice in the USA.

Things to Do and See in Valenzuela City
Fatima University is located in the heart of Valenzuela City, primarily an industrial and residential suburb of Manila, accessible to all land transportation system. Valenzuela city is famous for historical landmarks and tourist attractions. The city takes pride of San Diego de Alcala, the oldest church housing the oldest bell tower in the city. Equally famous is the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima and the Museo Valenzuela, repository of the city's rich heritage. Valenzuela city is only a stone’s throw away from the heart of Metro Manila where fine dining and nightlife is an experience in itself.

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