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Shanghai Second Medical University

With over 9.6 million square meters and a 1.2 billion population, the Republic of China is the third largest country by area and the largest country by population. The country boasts of well-developed and fast- paced cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu. At the same time, the country provides a refreshing change of beautiful landscapes in Mongolia grassland and scenic Kunming. Aside from tourism, China also offers many compelling reasons for quality education.

Chinese civilization dates back 5000 years ago, and her unique culture and tradition attract more and more international visitors. The past twenty years have witnessed China as one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

Higher education in China has been well developed. There are over 2000 universities and colleges, with more than 6 million enrollments in total. China has set up a degree system, including Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees that are open to foreign students.

China has a 50-year history of having foreign students studying in her universities and colleges. Therefore, the institutions have rich experiences of accommodating foreign students in China. Out of over 2000 universities and colleges, more than 300 of them now have foreign students studying on their campuses.

The programs provided foreign students by universities and colleges include two-year program (after senior high school), Bachelor, Master and doctor degree programs, non-degree programs and Chinese language programs.

All universities and colleges with foreign students provide conditions for the students to live within or near the campuses. Foreign students studying in China can also live out of campus if they would prefer to do so.

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