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Selecting a college or university is a difficult decision for any student. There is so much to take into consideration - location, quality of medical education, campus life and how well the college will prepare you for your career.

HCMI will provide you:

  • Access to quality medical education.
  • Information packages on courses and fee structures.
  • Loan assistance, if needed, through trusted bank loans.
  • Information on eligibility requirements.
  • Assistance in processing student visas.
  • Counseling in making an informed decision.
  • Step by step guidance through the application process.

HCMI EDUCATION is your Passport to Personal Growth and Career Advancement.

HCMI Education offers many brilliant opportunities for your growing career through its international academic programs and services. It is dedicated to its mission of providing you more choices for quality healthcare education.

For many students, going abroad to study is the first time they will be away from home. We have gathered three excellent reasons for studying abroad with HCMI Education as your steadfast partner.



After immersing yourself into a new culture, mastering the challenges of learning in a different academic environment, and experiencing the tasks and challenges of everyday life, you return home with increased self-confidence, resilience, and justifiable pride, which coincides with the vision of HCMI Education to create, innovate and lead the way in nurturing a community of dedicated professionals proudly serving their society and their country.



A possibility to study abroad broadens your intellectual horizon and deepens your knowledge and understanding of international, political, and economic issues. With HCMI's extensive assistance, you will become globally competitive and productive. Moreover, there are opportunities to enhance ties in culture, tourism, trade, investment and development among foreign countries.



A bright future awaits you for choosing HCMI Education as your gateway in studying and working abroad. It does more than promote academic enrichment and personal growth. It can also enhance your employment prospects. A student who has studied abroad becomes self-motivated, independent, willing to embrace challenges, and able to cope with diverse problems and situations. Your experience living and studying in a foreign country, negotiating with other cultures, and acquiring another language will all set you apart from the majority of other job applicants. With our company's experience and expertise, your transnational competencies and skills are developed to the fullest, thus, giving access to profitable professions worldwide.

HCMI Education has Medical Programmes and other courses ready for you



To create, innovate and lead the way in nurturing a community of dedicated professionals who will proudly serve their society and their country.


We aim to provide students with an opportunity to attain quality education overseas by introducing them to reputable universities, thus, allowing them to make informed choices. We do this by partnering with reputable universities that deliver relevant, up-to-date knowledge.

We also aim to equip our HCMI professionals with the necessary training and skills to land lucrative work contracts in USA. We do this by offering training courses in English and USA entrance exams. Most of all, we want to exceed customer expectations by being courteous, timely, responsible and professional.

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