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In July 1976, as a response to the recognition of shortage of doctors serving rural communities and lack of specialists in urban centers of Mindanao, the Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) was established. Being the first college to be set up in Mindanao, the DMSF College of Medicine is dedicated to providing education and training of the highest order in the field of medicine.


The DMSF College of Medicine has envisioned itself as a center for academic excellence, geared towards building healthy communities through competent, compassionate, and highly ethical and socially responsive graduates, nurtured in a holistic learning environment as it equally seeks to achieve its mission through three strands of activity namely; INSTRUCTION, RESEARCH, and EXTENSION.

The College of Medicine offers a friendly, caring and supportive environment. Its course of study aims to develop a student both as a person and as a practitioner committed to service. Considerable emphasis is placed on the preparation of medical professionals who recognize and seek to satisfy their responsibilities to the society, as well as serving individuals whom they meet in their daily clinical practice. Experienced faculty members and medical practitioners, undeniably dedicated and highly competent, are drawn from a wide range of medical specialties to ensure quality medical education and training as envisaged by the college.

Located in the world’s largest city in Southeastern Philippines, the DMSF College of Medicine is located on a 2.5 hectare site close to the center of Davao City. The campus features modern infrastructures, a tertiary health care hospital that offers first – rate services in medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology and diagnostic laboratory. In addition, its information technology infrastructure and laboratory equipment prepare its students for global competitiveness.

Mr Singh HCMI President with the President of DMSF and the Dean of College of Medicine
after signing an Education partnership


The Student Affairs Office provides opportunities for participation among students. It identifies students’ needs and interests, maintains liaison with the administration and faculty, and serves as information resource.

The main library offers a wide and up-to-date selection of books, journals, periodicals, and audio-visual materials. It houses the computer library, equipped with current information technology, which affords access to medical information through electronic journals and other on-line databases.

Spiritual Service is conducted regularly to encourage understanding and appreciation of different cultures and beliefs. Guidance and counseling is likewise afforded for the development of each student’s potential.

For students’ health needs, a medical-dental clinic is maintained and routine physical examination for all students is provided.

The college offers a convenient and comfortable dormitory with complete amenities and a wide range of convenience-packed accommodation, plus fully air-conditioned bedrooms and function rooms equipped with the state-of-the-art audio-video facilities. Likewise, desktop publishing, use of computer with internet, photocopying, printing, book binding and other communication facilities are readily available.

The Davao Medical School Foundation is a consortium of accredited institutions namely the Ateneo de Davao University, Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, Development of People’s Foundation and San Pedro College. The students are affiliated to the Davao Medical Center, the Davao Doctors Hospitals, San Pedro Hospital and Brokenshire Memorial Hospital for their clinical rotations in the third and fourth years of their courses.

Davao prides itself as the shopping capital of the South and Southern Philippines’ center of arts and culture. It is famous for Mt. Apo, the country's highest peak (3,144 meters) and is home to the Philippine Eagle. Precious hideaways are the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Malagos Garden Resort, Eden Mountain Resort and the Crocodile Park where one can find the country's largest known crocodile.

The abundance of fresh seafood, cattle meat and farm-fresh bounty makes Davao an exciting place for dining. Popular dishes include the grilled dishes and the ubiquitous "kinilaw" (bite-size strips of raw tuna or blue marlin marinated in coconut vinegar, soy sauce, chili pepper and other local spices). Locals and tourists dine in restaurants located along beaches, hill tops, countryside or right at the heart of the bustling metropolis.

Clearly, the curricular offerings, facilities and medical workforce afforded by the DMSF College of Medicine, combined with its linkages and affiliations, are comparable to the best in the Philippines. Equally noteworthy is the peace and order and political stability in the region plus the city’s picturesque splendor and unique geographic location with air and sea linkages to major points of destination in the country and the rest of the world. Undoubtedly, Davao Medical School Foundation is an attractive option for foreign students in their dream of pursuing a quality medical education in foreign shores.

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