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Shanghai Second Medical University


SSMU was founded in 1952 during the nation-wide reorganization of institutes of higher education. Incorporated into this University were the schools of Medicine of St. John’s University (1896-1952), the Medical College of Aurora University (1911-1952), and the Tong-De Medical College (1918-1952). It was given its present name, Shanghai Second Medical University, in 1985.

SSMU encompasses 360,157.09 m2 of the land. It has 13 colleges, 1 national hygiene school; 5 affiliate hospitals; 1 specialty hospital, 15 teaching hospitals and 126 teaching specialties. In this university there are 2 seven-year programs (master degrees), 6 programs for bachelor degree, 6 three-year vocational programs, 3 Ph.D degree training locations, 31 specialties conferring Ph.D, and 47 specialties conferring master’s degree. 25,000 students have been graduated from the school since its founding.

With a century of history and 50 years of rapid development, SSMU has become a new state-of-the-art medical university consisting of almost all disciplines, a strong faculty, remarkable academic achievements, and comprehensively developed clinical, teaching and research facilities. In July 1996, the school was selected as one of the nation-wide key institutes after its application was approved.

HCMI is an official partner in the tri-party collaboration for the SMU –UPH International Off-shore Program.

We are currently accepting applications for the September 2007 intake.
Application form is available upon request. Limited seats available, email us at

Trip to Visit Second Medical University

For those who would like to visit the Second Medical University in China (Shanghai), a trip could be arranged or upon request.

This will be a short two-day trip where you will be brought around the university to have a closer look at its facilities and its school environment. You will also get to see the places where the students hang out. The cost of this trip is dependent on the airfare and accommodation prices at the time of sign-up.

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