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University of the Virgin Islands


Welcome to the USA's Virgin Islands! It is a vacation paradise located in the Eastern Caribbean, 40 miles east of Puerto Rico, opulently serving up delightful helpings of sun, fun and lifelong memories. The territory consists of four main islands: Saint Thomas, Saint John, Saint Croix, and Water Island. These are known for their breathtaking white sand beaches, emerald green water, secluded coves, pristine coral reefs, strategic harbors, and friendly people with a unique sense of music, cuisine, and culture.

America's Virgin Islands offer luxurious hotels, cozy inns, and unspoiled campgrounds, with first-class restaurants, world-class shopping malls, and exciting festivals, affording the most romantic milieu with its pleasant climate, picturesque splendors and the beauty of clear surrounding waters. The Virgin Islands is an enchanting tropical paradise, a perfect haven in this corner of the world.

Why the Virgin Islands?

Virgin Islands is the place underneath the cover of lively sky where layers of marvelous beautiful creations unfold themselves in myriad attractive colors exhibiting the environmental vivacity. People from all corners of the world are dramatically drawn to this island paradise eager to taste and partake of what the islands have to offer.

The Virgin Islands is a unique place where clear blue skies merge gracefully into sparkling waters and warm sand. Surprisingly, it has more to offer than meets the eye. Virgin Islands, is a place where nature's exquisite splendor, exceptional amenities and distinct lifestyle needs blend perfectly with academic opportunities. It is a place where one can take full advantage of scholastic programs, setting sights on a successful career that meets global demands with global education.


Capture the unique opportunity to experience the magnificence of the Virgin Islands plus pursue a career of a lifetime, to become a nurse. Nursing offers a world of possibilities and there has never been a better time to pursue a degree program in Associate of Science in Nursing than now, in this most beautiful and exciting place in America's Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands.

USA's Virgin Islands is home of the renowned University of the Virgin Islands (UVI), a learner-centered institution dedicated to the success of its students and committed to enhancing lives through excellent teaching, innovative research and responsive community service.

Distinctly, it is only here in the Virgin Islands where one can bask and luxuriate in the magnificent beauty of nature, perfectly blending with the pursuits of the mind and the deep interest of building a nursing career that provides many opportunities to last a lifetime.

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