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Deficiency Make-up Program or Physical Therapy

DMP stands for Deficiency Make-up Program, a special program designed exclusively for HCMI Physical Therapist candidates who eventually want to practice Physical Therapy in the US.

Why is DMP an essential requirement for Physical Therapy graduates?
When physical therapists usually try to gain licensure in the US, they need to go through a procedure called credentialing. Credentialing is a process, whereby, US authorities analyze your transcripts to see whether the Bachelor of Physical Therapy (BPT) education you have earned is equivalent to the curriculum of Physical Therapy taught in US universities. If there are certain subjects in the US PT syllabus that are not taught in your university, your application is deemed deficient.

When your Transcript of Records is labeled as deficient, it means that you cannot move on to other procedures required to become licensed in the US as a physical therapist. Sadly, because of these educational deficiencies, your dreams of becoming a licensed physical therapist in the US may be stalled indefinitely.

Over years of extensive experience, HCMI has indeed uncovered a pattern among BPT holders. Time and time again, many graduates of physical therapy have pursued their dreams of working in the US only to be labeled as deficient by the credentialing authorities.

General education subjects such as history, basic sciences, philosophy and other courses are usually not taught at the undergraduate university level in some countries. Because these courses are taught in the US under the PT curriculum, the credentialing authorities reject some PT graduates on these grounds. Even though a physical therapist graduate might have completed these courses at the High School level (11th/12th standard), the US authorities still do not accept it if you have not completed them in the university level.

The HCMI Solution!
To help PT graduates to get through this major obstacle, HCMI has developed an innovative, unique and comprehensive solution called the Deficiency Make-up Program (DMP). It is essentially a bridging program whereby all deficient subjects can be covered under the DMP.

The DMP is a program approved by US governing bodies and it is the quickest, most effective way of jump-starting your dreams and ambitions of working in the US. The DMP is a value-added program that can be used along with your 4 ½, 3 ½, or 3 years of bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy to make your qualifications equivalent to the US standards.

It is definitely a source of triumph, pride and even relief for HCMI to unveil this fascinating new solution for PT graduates who have been trying for years to gain entry into the US! Through an extensive network of connections with multiple US governing bodies, HCMI has managed this incredible feat to make it easier for dedicated healthcare professionals like yourself to become eligible for work in the US.

The DMP was inaugurated in April, 2006 and we are currently pursuing, quite successfully, our third batch of students at the Bishop Heber College in Southern India. The DMP as an intensive six-month long program is divided into two or three terms. All the terms will entail rigorous instruction in the General Education courses mentioned above. On the other hand, DMP candidates will receive a 7-10 day holiday period during the six -month long DMP program.

If you are interested, email us at with your resumé, for further instructions.


  • To provide students with quality healthcare education by introducing them to a wide array of reputable Colleges and Universities
  • To equip healthcare professionals with the necessary training and skills to land lucrative work contracts in the USA


  • To provide students a solid foundation of knowledge in Basic Sciences and Humanities
  • To train students to become creative, innovative, appreciative, demonstrative and expressive of their ideas and opinions
  • To provide an educational program for Physical Therapists that will add and will enhance their existing PT undergraduate and postgraduate education for them to be licensed in the US
  • To exceedingly satisfy customer expectations by offering a super-value program that will open doorways to wonderful opportunities with HCMI's clientele based in the USA
  • To inculcate desirable values such as nationalism, human dignity, social responsibility, and ethical values

The Deficiency Make-up Program operates under the HCMI vision of innovating, creating, and leading the way in nurturing a community of healthcare professionals that will proudly serve their family, their society and their country.

We have designed the DMP in such a way to achieve our vision for a cohort of Physical Therapists who can start working in the US in the most cost-effective and qualitative way possible. We also hope that with the DMP, HCMI's healthcare professionals can work productively and profitably as proud citizens of their country.


  • Your education will be equivalent to that of a US Physical Therapist
  • Your eligibility to pass a credential evaluation in over 30 states
  • Your application will be done in the fastest and cheapest way possible

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